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MPP Sol Mamakwa, Kiiwetinoong

 Dear God how we thank you for MPP Sol Mamakwa and for his special and specific voice in government. We pray your wisdom and strength, fuelled by compassion, to prevail at official meetings and gatherings. We ask for the mantle of leadership to rest on and to fit Member Mamakwa’s personality, skills and abilities in such a way that he is not over-burdened. We pray for the constituents of Kiiwetinnoong, and indeed for all the Indigenous peoples of Ontario. We lift them up in recognition of the past colonial impacts; we lift them up today in a truth, reconciliation, and healing spectrum; and we lift them up for their ownership of a future that is full of good opportunities for their families and communities. We pray for your blessing to be on Sol and his family. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.