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MPP Stan Cho, Willowdale

Lord Jesus, thank You for your elected official Stan Cho and his family.   Thank You that the many lessons learned from living and working in the Willowdale community, have given him a heart for the people.   We declare that his appreciation for the diversity within Willowdale, and the hard work of the many immigrant families help him to voice their heart in parliament. We declare that integrity and uprightness of character, act as frontlets for his eyes and mind.  We declare he speaks what is right not necessarily what is politically correct, and he is blessed in doing so in Jesus name!

Stan Cho is a second-generation Korean-Canadian who is proud to call Willowdale home. His dad immigrated to Toronto from South Korea without knowing the language or culture.  Stan was born in Rexdale but moved to Willowdale when he was around 8 years old. He attended York Mills Collegiate and eventually the University of Toronto where he played varsity Rugby and served in the student government

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