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MPP Stephen Crawford, Oakville

Father, we are grateful for Stephen Crawford, who has been established as MPP within the Oakville district. Today, we pray from Psalm 31:19, that Stephen would carry in his heart a reverence for who You are, that he would find refuge in You, and gain a revelation of how great Your goodness is both personally and governmentally. May Stephen come to realize that You will be for him a solace & refuge in times of trouble, that he would find Your nearness & goodness to be inexhaustible as he partners with You for solutions to the issues which confront him on behalf of Oakville & all of Ontario, in Jesus name we pray!

An experienced senior executive and businessman with a strong work ethic, Stephen became Senior Vice President, National Sales, at Acuity Funds at the young age of 32. He would later go on to become a senior executive with another independent Canadian asset management company.  Stephen is passionate about community service, and is a vocal advocate and fundraiser for Plan Canada’s “Because I’m a Girl” campaign, which is focused on equal rights and education for girls globally. He has also been involved locally as a member of the Oakville chapter for “100 Guys Who Care,” the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

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