MPP Stephen Crawford, Oakville

Father, in the precious and powerful name of Jesus we bring Stephen Crawford before your holy throne. With his many duties Mr Crawford needs your presence and guidance. Like the travelling Israelites of old, be a light to his path, be holy fire, be a holy cloud and hover over him with your presence. Capture his heart and soul today. May he know assuredly, this is God! And may your holy presence empower him, guide him and direct him in the way that you need him to go. Thank you for Mr Crawford, bless him, keep him healthy and strong, in Jesus name. Amen….

Stephen Crawford is a Member of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills as well as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Infrastructure. He was born in Mississauga, Ontario to his parents William and Diane Crawford. He grew up in Mississauga, attended the University of Western Ontario to study Political Science, and then went to the University of Toronto for Business. After university, he then went on to earn his Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation. After completing his education, Stephen worked as a financial advisor at Midland Walwyn. He went on to become a senior executive and senior equity partner at Acuity Funds Ltd. After Acuity, Stephen became a senior executive and helped transition and build O’Leary Funds LP before it was purchased by Canoe Financial in 2016. Stephen resides in Oakville, Ontario, where he lives with his wife Najia, and children. He is a member of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, 100 Guys Who Care-Oakville, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute. He is also a vocal supporter of Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which focuses on empowering young girls’ rights to education, and heath-care globally.