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MPP Teresa Armstrong, London Fanshawe

Lord, today we pray for Teresa Armstrong and her role as MPP for London Fanshawe. We pray that You would fill her with overflowing goodness as she represents the people of her riding. We pray for her work as the Deputy Opposition House Leader. Help her to work well with the Opposition House leader who will work with the other House leaders that Ontario will have a government that will be effective and bring about positive change to the people of Ontario. Grant her travelling mercies as she travels back and forth from the riding. We ask all of this in Jesus name. Amen……

Teresa Armstrong was elected on October 6th, 2011. Prior to her election, she worked as an insurance broker. She has been actively involved in her community for many years. She was instrumental in the inception of the Argyle Resource Centre and served as one of its first chairpersons. She is also a past president of East London Lioness Club, and a past board member of LUSO Centre. Teresa worked alongside her husband Bill Armstrong, City Councillor, Ward 2 for many years, volunteering and organizing community events such as senior’s Christmas parties, Canada Day events and community clean ups at Lord Nelson and Forestview Parks.