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MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, Scarborough-Rouge Park

Father, we are thankful for this young man, MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, who has stepped up to represent the people of his constituency. We ask your blessing on him as he carries out his responsibilities on various committees. Wisdom is needed to put forth ideas that will benefit Ontario, therefore, we ask that he, and those he serves with on committees, would show discernment and prudence as they act on behalf of the people of Ontario. We ask for health and protection for MPP Thanigasalam and his family (Psalm 31:24). Amen.

Vijay Thanigasalam, a 29-year-old financial adviser is the MPP for Scarborough-Rouge Park. The son of factory and daycare workers, Thanigasalam grew up on the outskirts of the riding, around Kennedy and Eglinton Avenues. His family settled in the area in 2003, having fled Sri Lanka during its brutal civil war. Vijay has been an active member of the Scarborough community for over a decade. He is truly passionate about the community and genuinely cares about the development of future generations. He actively supports youth employment opportunities in Scarborough.