Mr. Cameron Westhead – MLA for Banff-Cochrane

Lord, we pray this day for MLA Cameron Westhead.  Thank You for the years he has served as a
registered nurse and pray his experience will enable him to more effectively
have input as he serves on the committee of Families and communities.  As he sees what needs to be done from day to
day give him the strength to do it and the wisdom to know when and what to
delegate.  Bless him with health and
well-being.  Amen.

Cameron Westhead was elected to the Legislative Assembly of
Alberta, representing the constituency of Banff-Cochrane, on May 5, 2015.

He currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on
Public Accounts and as a member of the Standing Committee on Families and

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Westhead was
a registered nurse with Alberta Health Services for 10 years, beginning in
2005. He most recently worked in the operating room at the Foothills hospital.
During this time he also served as a workplace representative, an elected
position which he held for four years.

He holds a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of
Toronto and a bachelor of arts from Nipissing University.

Mr. Westhead and his wife call Bragg Creek home.