Mr. Colin Piquette – MLA for Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater

Father, we thank you for MLA, Colin Piquette, Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater.  We thank You for the position he serves on
the Special Standing Committee on Members Services for Alberta’s Economic
Future.   Please bless the time he
volunteers to various community organizations. 
Surround him with godly counsel, Lord, to help him reach his full
potential.  We thank you for his efforts
as he seeks to improve the lives of Albertans. 
May he be encouraged as he serves in his community and this
province.  Please bless him and his
family with good health and give him direction in all his endeavors.  In Jesus’ name.   Amen
Colin Piquette was elected to the Legislative
Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of
Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater, on May 5, 2015.

He is a member of the Special Standing Committee on
Members’ Services and the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future.
Previously he served on the Standing Committee on the Alberta Heritage Savings
Trust Fund.

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, he
was an insurance agent representing the Cooperators in Athabasca and Boyle
(1999-2001,2011-2015), a consultant with the City of Edmonton’s Respectful
Workplace training initiative (2006 to 2011), and an instructor in ethics and
law in education for the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta

He also spent several years abroad teaching English
at post-secondary institutions and foreign language institutes in South Korea
(1997-1999,2001-2005). Prior to 1997, he ran a small publishing company, worked
as an operator for Celanese Canada, and helped his parents on the family farm
in Plamondon.

Mr. Piquette’s employment experience also includes
contract work as a political organizer with the Alberta Federation of Labour
and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees on national pension and labour
law reforms respectively

Throughout the years he has volunteered his time to
various community organizations. At the time of his election in 2005 he was
serving as president of the Boyle District Chamber of Commerce, as
vice-president of the Boyle Betterment Committee, and as a director with the
Boyle and District Agricultural Society.

Other community organizations Colin has been
involved with over the years include Community Service Learning at the
University of Alberta, Next Up Alberta, Public Interest Alberta, the Alberta
Public Interest Research Group, the Learning Centre, Friends of the Lubicon
Alberta, and the Friends of Medicare. He is a founding member of the Centre for
Community Organizing and Popular Education (CCOPE).

Colin was also very active in campus politics as an
undergraduate student at the University of Alberta in the late eighties and
early nineties, working for the end of apartheid, women’s choice, indigenous
rights, francophone rights, and equality for gays and lesbians, among other
worthy causes.

His extensive community involvement has earned him
the Evelyn Kline Memorial Award in Community Development and an Edmonton
Chamber of Voluntary Organizations community service learning project grant.

In addition to a bachelor
of arts degree in political science he holds a master’s degree in adult
education, both from the University of Alberta.