Mr. David H. Xiao – MLA for Edmonton-McClung

Jesus, We pray for MLA David Xiao that you would fill his days with your peace.
May he always be reminded of the people he represents when he is speaking with
his colleagues. May he continue to be the positive leader he is and an example
to Albertans. We pray that he would find your strength to carry out his duties
from day to day. Amen  (Gr. 6 Student)

David Xiao was elected to his second term as the Member of the
Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-McClung on April 23, 2012. He is a member of
the following Standing Committees:
  • Private
  • Resource
Previously he served as a member of the following
Standing Committees:
  • Legislative
    Offices (chair)
  • Alberta’s
    Economic Future
  • Family
    and Communities
  • Privileges
    and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing
  • Resource
In addition to his role as an MLA, Mr. Xiao served
as parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Energy, Minister of
Transportation and the Minister of Employment and Immigration. He was also as a
member of the Cabinet Policy Committee on Energy and a member of Standing
Committees on Private Bills, Public Accounts, Energy, the Economy and Public
Safety and Services.

Prior to his election as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Mr. Xiao was an avid entrepreneur and local
businessperson. Mr. Xiao’s diverse entrepreneurial experience includes
international trade, publishing, commercial real estate investment and

Dedicated to furthering his education and expanding
his horizons, Mr. Xiao has a diploma in geological science from the Beijing
Institute of Mining and a bachelor of arts in English literature from the
Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute. Mr. Xiao has also studied business
through NAIT and economics at the University of Alberta.

Mr. Xiao is active in his community and is a member
of the Rotary Club of Edmonton and the Canadian Club of Edmonton. He has served
on the board of directors of the YMCA and the Edmonton Chinese Garden Society.

Mr. Xiao lives in Edmonton with his wife, Alice,
and his sons, Allen and Andrew.

Mr. Xiao is a tea connoisseur. Collecting clay
teapots and cooking are his main hobbies.