Mr. Graham D. Sucha – MLA for Calgary-Shaw

we are thankful for MLA Mr. Graham Sucha. We are asking you today that you
would continue to guide him in the numerous tasks he must perform as he serves
and gives leadership in the constituency of Calgary – Shaw. Thank you for his
efforts to seek to improve the quality of life for all the people of Alberta
and that he has a listening ear and is aware of their needs. We pray that you
would bless him and his family with your peace. In Jesus Name, Amen

Graham Sucha was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta,
representing the constituency of Calgary-Shaw, on May 5, 2015.

He currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on
Alberta’s Economic Future and of the Standing Committee on Resource

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, he worked for
over a decade in restaurant management, overseeing several restaurants in the
Calgary area. While there he aided in raising money for several charities
including the Special Olympics and 2013 Flood Relief.

He holds a diploma in television and broadcasting from Algonquin
College and studied political science at Carleton University in Ottawa. While
in Ottawa he completed a broadcasting placement with the Canadian armed forces’ Army

A second generation Calgarian, Graham is proud of his family
heritage that has roots in Great Britain and Slovakia. Growing up in
Marlborough Park, he currently resides in Millrise with his wife and three