Mr. Jamie Kleinsteuber – MLA for Calgary-Northern Hills

God, our prayer is for MLA Jamie Kleinsteuber of the constituency of Calgary –
Northern Hills.  Give him strength today
for his busy schedule and guide him as he sits on the committee for resource
Stewardship.  We pray that You would
order his day and bring to him the people and the resources that are needed to
put plans in motion.  May he have joy in
serving.  Amen. 

Jamie Kleinsteuber was elected as the Member of the Legislative
Assembly for Calgary-Northern Hills on May 5, 2015.

He currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on
Private Bills and is a member of the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices
as well as the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship. He previously served
as deputy chair of the Standing Committee on Private Bills.

Mr. Kleinsteuber attended the University of Ottawa and received
a baccalaureate in arts: concentration History/ concentration public policy and
public management, which included studies in public policy and analysis and
public administration.

Prior to being elected, Mr. Kleinsteuber worked in the aviation
industry for 18 years. During his employment with an airline he worked as
ground staff based at airports in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary.