Mr. Ken Lemke – MLA for Stony Plain

Thank You Lord for MLA Ken Lemke and
the positive difference he is making in the constituency of Stony Plain.  Lord it is our prayer that You would give him
fresh vision, insight and new strategies to help him accomplish even more for
our province.   As he goes about his day
may he experience joy and peace in the midst of all he has to do.  In Your Name Lord,  Amen.

Ken Lemke was elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for
Stony Plain on April 23, 2012. He currently serves on the Select Special Ethics
Commissioner Search Committee and the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic

Previously he served as deputy chair of the Standing Committee on
Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing and as a member of the
  • Standing
    Committee on Families and Communities
  • Select
    Special Chief Electoral Officer Search Committee
  • Standing
    Committee on Resource Stewardship
Mr. Lemke grew up in Ohaton, Alberta – a small town east of Camrose –
and attended the University of Lethbridge.

Mr. Lemke had careers in real estate, sales and marketing prior to being
elected to the Stony Plain Town Council, where he served from 1995 to 2012,
with the last four years as mayor.

Mr. Lemke was instrumental in helping the Stony Plain Town Council
achieve one of the lowest property taxes in the capital region while
maintaining high levels of service, orderly growth and fiscal responsibility.
He also assisted the tri-municipal region to increase shared services,
including the building of the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre. Furthermore, Mr.
Lemke was involved in helping Alberta’s capital region form the Capital Region
Board, fostering increased co-operation among the 23 municipalities.

Mr. Lemke is an active community volunteer and leader. He is largely
involved with the Rotary Club of Stony Plain,and the Stony Plain branch of the
Canadian Legion and is a former chairman of the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre.
Mr. Lemke was a board member and chairman of various other commissions,
including the Stony Plain Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the
Parkland Water Services Commission, the Capital Region Wastewater Commission, the
Stony Plain Library Board, the Parkland lottery board, and the Capital Region

Mr. Lemke and his family, including his wife, Gail, and their three
children, have lived in the Stony Plain constituency for over 30 years.