Mr. Marlin Schmidt – MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar

Lord, we thank
you for Mr. Marlin Schmit, Deputy Chair of the Special Standing Committee on
Members’ Services, representing the people of Edmonton – Gold Bar.  Continue to lead and guide him and increase
his creativity, discernment and objectivity to the issues brought before
him.  Give him compassion and a desire to
advocate for what is right and just. 
Refresh him and give him a clear vision of what you would have him do to
see that Alberta continues to be used as a leader in this great country,
Canada. Thank you for the leaders we have and we pray that they hear as you
give direction and guidance for the many decisions that will need to be made in
this new year.  In the name of Jesus we
pray.  Amen.
Marlin Schmidt was elected to the Legislative
Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Edmonton-Gold Bar, on May
5, 2015.

He currently serves as Deputy Chair of the Special
Standing Committee on Members’ Services.

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr.
Schmidt specialized in site remediation for over a decade.

From 2008 to 2015 he worked for Alberta Environment
as a soil and groundwater contamination specialist, and previous to this, he
worked as a remediation specialist, beginning in 2002.

He holds a master of science degree in applied
environmental geosciences from Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany
and a bachelor of science from Queen’s University in Kingston.