Mr. Thomas Dang – MLA for Edmonton-South West

Father in Heaven, we are thankful today for MLA Mr. Thomas Dang in the
constituency of Edmonton-South-West. We ask Lord that you would bless him and
all he puts his hand to. May he sense your presence, giving him wisdom and
understanding in all the decisions he must make. Encourage him each day as he
continues to help meet the needs of his constituents. Bless him, keep him and
his family safe and may they know your peace. Amen

Thomas Dang was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta,
representing the constituency of Edmonton-South West, on May 5, 2015.

He currently serves as a member of the Standing Committee on the
Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, the Special Standing Committee on Members’
Serves and the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship. He previously served
as a member of the Standing Committee on Private Bills.

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Dang worked
in software development while pursuing a degree in computing science at the
University of Alberta.

Throughout his youth, he has been an activist and advocate for
social policy and student issues.

Dang was born and raised in Edmonton.