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Mr. Todd Loewen – MLA for Grande Prairie-Smoky

we thank you for MLA Mr. Todd Loewen and his dedication in serving the people
of Alberta and in particular in the region on Grande Prairie – Smoky. Lord give
him clear vision, insight and wisdom as he governs his office. Thank you for
giving him a staff around him that support his initiatives and assist him in
carrying them out. May you bless him with renewed strength and vitality and the
time to connect with family and friends. Amen

Todd Loewen was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta,
representing the constituency of Grande Prairie-Smoky, on May 5, 2015.

Mr. Loewen serves as deputy chair of the Standing Committee on
Resource Stewardship.

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Loewen owned
a small outfitting business and an operational farm.

Born and raised in rural Alberta, Mr. Loewen grew up in a
farming family. He graduated from Hillside junior senior high school with an
advanced high school diploma, and after five years in the workforce he went on
to become self-employed as an entrepreneur and farmer.

Loewen and his wife, Teena, have five children: Travis, Ty, Taylor Tianna and
Tenea. They reside in the constituency of Grande Prairie-Smoky, where Mr.
Loewen has been an active volunteer for the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie, the
Chamber of Commerce, their local church, a number of business organizations and
many other community activities.