Pray Alberta Remembers

On this day we take a moment out of our busy lives,
we take a moment, that so many before us can no longer. We remember those who
have passed, those who loved and where loved. We remember the sacrifice they
made that we could live, sometimes unexciting lives.

More recently we remember the events that tore
through our ordinary lives and caused simple men and women to go and perform
great and sometimes unimaginable things.

Thank you to those who can’t hear our silent and humble acknowledgement. Thank you to those who can, those who were left behind. To the
Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts sons and daughters.

Remember the people that were part of our
communities and families.

In this moment of remembrance, Take a moment of
silence and afterwards speak to the younger generations, share with them the
loss, the sorrow and the pain. In remembering and sharing the lives lost will
continue to live on.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for your Sacrifice and Resurrection that gives us
hope for life after death. Thank you for cleansing us from all the things we’ve
done that make us less than we were meant to be. I pray that you will help us
realise your hand in dealing with our grief. Thank you for the Grace we don’t
deserve and sometimes are ignorant of. On this day of remembrance please help
us see and understand the sacrifices made that we might continue as we do.