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We believe that daily prayer for leaders is biblical and part of providing effective spiritual care.

If you would like to pray specifically and regularly for our national and provincial elected officials, we invite you to click on the prayer network options below.

Near the bottom of each web page is a brief form to subscribe to receive the prayers by email. We also post daily prayers on each network’s Facebook Page.

Pray Canada: Website | Facebook

PrayAB: Website | Facebook

PrayBC: Website | Facebook

PrayMB: Website | Facebook

PrayON: Website | Facebook

PrayQC: Website | Facebook

PrionsQC: Website | Facebook

PraySK: Website | Facebook

How We Pray

We believe in blessing, giving thanks for, and speaking peace over our elected officials.


We pray for members of all political stripes because they each need God’s blessing as they serve our country.


We pray for each member by name, position and with knowledge of their duties each weekday of the political cycle.


We focus our prayers on the people who make up our government, not the laws and issues of the day.


We believe that, as we pray, God will move in lives and situations to bring hope, life and peace to our leaders and province.


We believe that God sees the whole picture and will answer our prayers as they align with his sovereign will.