Premier Rachel Notley, Edmonton-Strathcona

Jesus, sometimes we forget that those who serve us politically are people just
like we are. Forgive us for the times that we have been critical when we have
not been prayerful.

we pray for Premier Notley today, we are reminded that while she holds a high
office, she is there as a servant, seeking to do what she believes to be best.
 As your people, we ask that You would help her today to do what is right
and best for Alberta.  Grant her wisdom, insight and understanding.
 Help her to see the path that will cause Alberta to prosper and be
blessed.  In
Jesus Name, Amen.
Rachel Notley was sworn in as the province’s 17th Premier on May 24, 2015. She grew up in Fairview, Alberta, and is the daughter of former Alberta ND leader Grant Notley and his wife Sandy.  Rachel lives in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona neighbourhood, along with her husband Lou and their two children Ethan and Sophie.