The speech goes on and we were there!

The show must go on” said by one reporter on Twitter when officially learning that the 58cm of snow that fell in the capital since Sunday was not enough to keep the Speech from the Throne from happening today!  It may have shut down schools (for a 2nd straight day) and prompted CFB Esquimalt to tell it’s 5,000 employees to stay home, but the opening of the spring session, minus some of the usual outdoor pomp & circumstance, forged ahead.  The big advantage for me, the “snow day” meant my wife Christine, who teaches grade 3, she was able to join me and my colleague, Tim, for the proceedings.

Unlike some provinces in Canada, the Speech from the Throne in BC is quite formal, complete with an invite-only reception following the speech from BC’s lieutenant governor.  I always enjoy this reception because it gives me the opportunity to re-connect with many of BC’s MLA’s, mostly from the government side, who are all back in town and eager to get rolling.  Together, Christine and I were able to have many meaningful conversations with members and staff alike.

As a chaplain, TRUST is the currency most highly valued – and now in my third year, the level of trust I have gained with MLA’s and the staff is producing a good return, today this was evident.  Although the room was loud and the conversations short, it was very easy to offer quick words of encouragement that were received with heartfelt appreciation.  It didn’t matter if was the newly hired intern, the catering staff member or the well-tenured politician with significant responsibilities: when you’re thanked and told you’re doing a great job it fills your tank.

There will be many more opportunities over the coming months to have longer visits and more in-depth conversations, but if today was any indication, this spring session is going to be the best one yet!