The Surest Sign of Spring – Politicians Are Gathering!

A sure sign of spring is the return of politicians to Legislatures across the country.  In my mind, no one does Throne Speech day better than BC!   There’s the Military Marching Band, The Colour Parade and the Inspection of the Troops but the highlight is the 15 gun salute to honour the Lieutenant Governor that quite literally shakes the building.  (If you’re familiar with the BC Legislature, the thought of the building vibrating for any reason is legitimate cause for concern.)

As impressive as the military band, the colour parade and the inspection of the troops is, no Throne Speech is complete without a strong showing by protestors.  I’m partial to the Raging Grannies, but my all time favourite was the young man dressed as a jester who ran out from the crowd and began to ‘lead’ the parade with his own march style.  The real entertainment value happened when he failed to realize that the band turned right while he proceeded straight ahead.  It was at least 50M until he realized no one was following him!  There’s nothing quite like leading a parade when no one else is following!

The BC Legislature resumes this Tuesday.  Ontario follows one week later.  Saskatchewan follows in early March.  These are significant opportunities for Leading Influence to serve, strengthen and encourage political leaders.

Would you pray for us as we do?  Pray that we would find open doors and opportunities to serve, encourage and bless our leaders in meaningful ways.   Pray that we would have wisdom, discernment and insight as we listen, speak and interact with members this week.

Speaking of praying, are you a part of our daily prayer networks?  The stories of members impacted by the daily prayers of our networks are many.  You can join any of our prayer networks just by clicking on the name of the network below or by searching it on FaceBook.

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Finally, pray for those we serve.  We have prayer networks in every province from BC to Ontario.  We’d love to have you praying along with us that God would bless and help our leaders to do their jobs well.