Let Us Stand

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We’ve seen some rapid and significant change in our world and nation in the past few weeks and there’s likely more on the way. A changing reality requires us to change our responses to what’s happening around us. It’s for that reason, we are making some changes to our prayer networks.

We’ll still pray for our leaders, but sharpen our focus to the Prime Minister, Premiers and Cabinet Ministers who are carrying the bulk of responsibility and leadership load during this time. We want to expand our focus to include Federal and Provincial Health Officers, Front Line Responders, Health Care Workers, Police, CBSA Officers and others that the Holy Spirit will draw our attention to.

Collectively, we have over 6500 participants in our provincial and national prayer networks. We want to mobilize and inspire each of you to stand in the gap on behalf of our nation, it’s leaders and those who are doing their best to ensure that we remain safe and healthy.

We will pray from a position of faith and confidence in the goodness and faithfulness of God. COVID-19 is not a surprise to Him. His eternal purposes and plans for our communities, cities, provinces and nation will prevail in spite of what we see happening around us right now.

Moving forward, you can expect to see a prayer video done by one of our chaplains on Mondays and Thursdays. We’ll continue with written prayers on the other days. In keeping with our current practice, we will post Monday to Friday, leaving weekends for other ministries and your local church.

Thank you for standing and praying with us. We are honoured to take our place with the many prayer initiatives that are happening across our nation and around the world right now believing that God will hear us from heaven and heal our land.

Let’s pray together before you go.

Heavenly Father, You know that we are living in challenging and difficult days. You knew this day would come and You know what things will look like on the day this season ends. Our confidence and hope are in You.

We come to You today on behalf of our Prime Minister, Premiers, Ministers of Health and Public Health Officers from coast to coast to coast and we ask that You would give them divine wisdom and insight into the best way forward for our nation during this time. We ask that You would give creative ideas and solutions to them and to the people that surround them.

We also ask for a cooperative and compliant spirit among Canadians to respect and abide by the direction and decisions of our governments for our safety and protection. Help us to be servants to those around us and to lead by example.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Tim Schindel
Serving Leaders