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Why Should We Pray for Those in Government?

“That we may live peaceful 

and quiet lives
. . .” 

1Timothy 2:1, 2

The Top 10 Things We Should Pray for Government

1)     That God will give them His love for justice
Psalm 72:1-2a “Teach the king to judge with your righteousness,
O God; share with him your own justice so that he may rule over your people
with justice . . .”
2)    That they would be committed to righteousness
Psalm 72:2b “. . . and govern the oppressed with
3)    That they would have compassion for the poor
Psalm 72:4 “May the king judge the poor fairly; may
he help the needy and defeat the oppressors.”
4)    That the fear of God would be present in their
lives, deliberations and leadership
Psalm 72:5 “May your people worship you as long as
the sun shines, as long as the moon gives light, for ages to come.”
5)    That their leadership would be a blessing to our
cities, province and nation
Psalm 72:6 “May the king be like rain on the
fields, like showers falling on the land.”
6)    That the godly would flourish
Psalm 72:7a “May the righteous flourish in his
lifetime . . .”
7)    That our land would know abundant prosperity
Psalm 72:7b “. . . and may prosperity last as long
as the moon gives light.”
8)    That our leaders would receive favour and honour
from friends and adversaries alike
Psalm 72:9, 10 “The peoples of the desert will bow
down before him; his enemies will throw themselves to the ground.” “The kings
of Spain and of the islands will offer him gifts; the kings of Sheba and Seba
will bring him offerings.”
9)    That they will rescue the weak and needy
Psalm 72:12 “He rescues the poor who call to him,
and those who are needy and neglected.”
10)  That They will help the oppressed
72:14 “He rescues them from oppression and violence; their lives are precious
to him.”

How Should We Pray 

1)     Pray fervently! James 5:16 “. . . the prayer of a
righteous man is powerful and effective.”
2)    Pray continually!
1 Thess. 5:17 “. . . pray continually; give thanks
in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

What Happens When We
Pray for Government

1)     God responds to our prayers
      a.     Surprising things happen when we ask God to impact
our leaders.
      b.     Policy changes, direction changes, government
2)    God changes our attitudes
3)    God touches our leaders